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TUNERSYS TM3523 MP3 player Module TM3523,with AM/FM/LCD/LINE
Goods Description:TUNERSYS MP3 player Module TM3523,with AM/FM/LCD/LINE IN/MP3/WMA-USB, Option:SD/Download(can from your computer to manage SD card files or download any music files to the SD card )
Market Price:12.80

Operation in Remote control:


1) In MP3 MODE:Press Press PLAY/PAUSE button to select the PAUSE OR PLAY.
2) In RADIO MODE: PLAY/PAUSE button to select the preset station #1. #1 to 6 is the same as the function in the RADIO MODE.

B) FF :

1) In MP3 MODE:Press FF button to NEXT TRACK song.
2) In RADIO MODE:Press FF button to Changes in the frequency up to receive 0.1MHZ (Manual tuning +)

C) FB :

1) In MP3 MODE:Press FB button to last TRACK song
2) In RADIO MODE:Press FB button to Receive frequency downward change 0.1MHZ (Manual tuning -).


Press MODE button to select the Tuner,AUX,MP3.

E) TU+:

In RADIO MODE:Press TU+ button to Backward search for a radio station (Auto seek+) :

F) TU- :

In RADIO MODE:Press TU- button to Forward search for a radio station(Auto seek-)


The unit can store a total of 18 preset for FM band & 12 preset for AM. When a station is stored, a preset number is assigned to the station. Use the preset number to tune in to a preset station directly.Press AS button: A preset number beginning from 1 in consecutive order for each band(FM1,FM2,FM3 OR AM1,AM2) is assigned to the station.In FM MODE:Press AS button to Automatic preset STATIONS for FM1 #1~6, FM2 #1~6, FM3 #1~6(A total of 18 preset FM radio stations);In AM MODE:Press AS button to Automatic preset radio for AM1 #1~6, AM2 #1~6 (A total of 12 preset AM radio stations)


Press MUTE button to select MUTE, Press it again will resume the sound


Plug the Line in, Press MODE button in Remote control (or Press Play / Pause button for 1 second in Key board)to select the Tuner,AUX ()Line in mode,the music is playing from Line in. EXTERNAL KEY BOARD ,CONNECTER TO CON2 FROM MAIN BOARD:

For TC3503DAIXS:

With the USB cable to the USB port on the main board to connect to the computer's USB port, you can from your computer to manage SD card files or download any music files to the SD card.

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