TUNERSYS 's Headquartered in National Software Industry Base in China: (Garden-style tourist city) Zhuhai national hi-tech industrial development zone Southern Software Park, TUNERSYS have branches and offices In HongKong & Dongguan .
   TUNERSTS is a based on intelligent sound technology development and intelligent hardware provider, its products include internet radio bluetooth amplifier, Wi-Fi bluetooth multi-room audio, wireless bookshelf speakers and audio player board.
   TUNERSYS 's team operated in 2004, Co-founded by 2 audio enthusiasts who have worked as electronic hardware and software design engineers in a well-known international audio manufacturing factory. Initially, we designed and produced the Tuner system series products, so our brand name “Tunersys”.
In the years of more than 17 years, TUNERSYS after more than 17 years of precipitation, continue to explore and improve.TUNERSYS stands out in the industry for its outstanding intelligent hardware technology achievements, relentless pursuit of innovation, outstanding quality, reliable reliability and extensive international presence.

Our mission: Let music everywhere!

Our goal: To The Customer's Demand As The Guide.

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