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How Multi Room HiFi Work

How TUNERSYS's Multi Room Work

Our multi room system device can stream your multiple audio sources over Wi-Fi or LAN wireless connections in one or more system. Make Use Of the MUZO Player APP to conveniently as well as adequately take care of the sound throughout your workplace and also residence.

Let’s get going!

Initially, you may need to prepare something 

Wireless Streaming

Streaming your stereo audio by WIFI, Airplay as well as Bluetooth. Fulfill all your energies.

Our item some modle sustain Airplay 2 (CL500W and CL500W Board), some modle sustain Airplay 1.

* The difference between Airplay 2 and 1 is Airplay 2 can control multiple at once. By this attribute, our MUZO Player App can conveniently done this attribute. And also have more ability like multizone control every units for sync and also different playing various or same stereo audio.

Comparation Table 

Actually, WIFI streaming can stream over your home or office whose as long as your residence WIFI network range covered sufficient. Some individuals will certainly configuration mesh to boost their wireless variety of the router. As well as their have to be interference if you have multiple WIFI streaming devices, then you can attach your systems by Lan to address the interference issue.

What’s More with Network Connection


MUZO Player App

Easy to stream as well as take care of all your favorite music and also seems in every zones. Play in sync/separate, adjust EQ/Volume, established alarm/L-R channel, Team zones and more done in an application. To Know Extra

What you can Stream?

Any kind of your preferred playlist, internet radio, data storage space, TELEVISION, CD or other vintage stereo. Any kind of match audio input that you can control and also stream wirelessly by MUZO Player App.

Multi Zone Control

Manage your entire residence office audio with one system.


You can setup multiple TUNERSYS MUZO Player tools in your home and also control all the devices by MUZO Player app or COMPUTER software throughout your home. You can play different sound to various rooms, for instance, your child can stream TV audio of NBA in the living room. Your wife is playing pop songs in the cooking area, your little girl is paying attention to podcast or internet radio tuner in her room and also you are paying attention SiriusXM Satellite Radio in your workshop. This can be done at the same time and regulated by everybody.

Integrate Music

By dragging a device over another device in the MUZO Player app, you can organize multiple units to the primary device to create a group. You can then sync the music to every device you team, your entire home office area will certainly immersive with the same music. This is excellent for your family members celebration or weekend party! To divide the device once more you just simply drag the device to the bottom of the app.

Multi-room with Different Audio Sources


Output your Audio Wirelessly

By including TUNERSYS or MUZO Player products to your old stereo tools, you can bring them a new life to streaming sound wirelessly. This includes your bookshelf speakers, ceiling speakers, In-wall audio speakers, on-wall audio speakers, desktop computer speakers, audio amplifiers, audio receivers and subwoofers. You can organize various audio output devices, and manage them in one system and also stream wirelessly.


akers like Bluetooth audio speakers or WIFI audio speakers, you will require to attach our device to the input user interface of the speakers. Our device in Bluetooth mode can just obtain transmission and also in WiFi mode, we are not suitable with various other wireless system like Sonos. Similar to Sonos, we only support devices of our very own and MUZO Gamer system.

Much More Amusing with Do It Yourself

If you have technological background with sound, we really suggest you to experiment with our Do It Yourself items to make your own special Do It Yourself tools or upgrade your vintage stereo into wireless system. Our DIY products can have much more versatility to add attributes that satisfy your needs and save more spending plan. If you are not professional for Do It Yourself yet is tight in spending plan as well as don't mind the item without casing, you can likewise choose Do It Yourself products. We create the device with typical interface which is straightforward to understand and make use of. You can configuration 12 zones for your entire home office audio which only needs budget under $399.


How to tune Internet Radio Work





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